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MAAR is a family owned  professional  repossession, self-help business and we stand ready to assist with your Automobile, Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft and RV repossession needs.

The owner of our company has a 20 year military background as well as a history as a collections manager and this history led him to create MAAR 15 years ago.

Where most repo companies rely on one or two trucks and one or 2 spotters, our team has many Scouts running addresses 24\7 and we are able to truly cover our service area like none other.

It is the combination of our superior understanding of technology and our industry, high moral standards, overpowering presence in the field and the way we manage our assignments that makes MAAR among the leading repo companies in Virginia.

 Click here for our BASIC MAAR Informational Package

We thoroughly hunt collateral and end repossessions with a handshake and well wishes.

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